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James from Deer Park is fed up with announcer bashing!

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My new favorite WFAN caller is James from Deer Park, who this afternoon called Chris Russo in exasperation and said this:

"It seems like no matter what announcers do, every caller seems to wait for the opportunity to just kill every announcer over . . . If you don't like the announcers get yourself a little degree, get out of the factory, get yourself a little degree and go up and do it yourself. I'm tired of every single person calling up and complaining about every announcer."

As any sports media critic would tell you, endless complaints about announcers from well-intentioned friends, relatives and readers are one of our most annoying occupational hazards.

Name your favorite announcer, and I promise you I have heard from readers who think he or she is a buffoon.

I'm going to write my Tuesday newspaper column now and wonder why I didn't resist the call of journalism and instead become a trapeze artist, as my mother suggested.

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