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Jay Glazer got a three-hour foot massage in Orlando

(Credit: Watchdog)

Fang's Bites has links to new pieces from journalists I wrote about in recent weeks, Fox's Jay Glazer (in a good way) and GateHouse's Mike Nadel (in a less good way).

Jay here fleshes out in extreme detail the story he told me about his day in the Orlando Airport trying to break the Brett-to-the-Jets story. (Glaze, I thought the three-hour, $300 foot massage was off the record!)

Nadel here wraps up the reaction to his infamous column about a certain ESPN reporter who dressed and behaved a certain way (allegedly) in the locker room of a certain baseball team that last won the World Series in 1908.

I'm done feeding the blog beast for now. It's going to take me the rest of the day how to figure out how to do my expenses the Cablevision way. Bye.

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