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Jets should play for AFC title Jan. 18, Giants Jan. 19

Having the best two teams in football sharing a stadium is going to be highly problematic for the NFL come Championship Sunday Jan. 18.

What to do, since Giants Stadium can't host both games on the same day?

Well, this year it's the AFC's turn to play the late game. So it seems logical to have CBS keep the early evening slot Sunday for the Jets, while Fox and the Giants move to Monday or Saturday night.

(That Monday is Martin Luther King Day. I don't know whether that will be a factor in the Saturday/Monday decision.)

As for the teams' inevitable showdown in SBXLIII . . . Sure, it's a little weird having squads that share a stadium play each other many hundreds of miles away.

But look at it this way: Two New York teams in Florida will feel much more natural than if they had met last season and had to schlep to Arizona.

Should be an interesting January, my friends.

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