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Jewish-American swim stars buoy Phelps over Spitz

(Credit: Watchdog)

Well, this is a tad awkward . . .

It turns out that the person other than Michael Phelps himself who might be most responsible for Phelps surpassing the gold medal haul of famous Jewish-American athlete Mark Spitz is a Jewish-American athlete himself.

Yup, Jason Lezak, hero of the 4x100-meter relay is a member of the modest Jewish contingent on the U.S. team. And get this: So is another member of the 4x100 team, Garrett Weber-Gale!

And get this: So is . . . Dara Torres!?

It says so right here.

So when the Olympics are over, the thin pamphlet on the history of great Jewish athletes is going to need a new page or two.

You're welcome, Mr. Phelps.

With that . . . little or no blogging today. I'm going to act like a newspaper reporter and venture out of the basement to see what the sun looks like.

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