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Jim Duquette: Omar Minaya 'failed the organization'

Mets general manager Omar Minaya says he has

Mets general manager Omar Minaya says he has apologized to Daily News reporter Adam Rubin for comments he made at a press conference Monday. (Credit: Corey Sipkin)

What did Omar Minaya's predecessor, Jim Duquette, think of the Mets GM's infamous news conference Monday? Here is what he said on Sirius XM Satellite Radio:

(Transcript courtesy of Sirius XM.)

“As a general manager, it’s a very difficult situation.  Let’s put that in context.  He had to fire his good friend.  He hired him, and Tony, as passionate as he is, he has a lot of detractors and enemies in the game.  He had to fire him, so it’s a tough day for him.  Now he has to go out and have a press conference.  But you’re supposed to put the fire out.  That’s what a general manager does.  Put the fire out.  And what Omar did in this situation is he created another fire, a much bigger firestorm, because it took attention away from this whole thing.  People could’ve said, ‘You know, you’re putting this situation behind you.  You’re showing the leadership that you need to as a GM.  It’s still not going to be an easy thing, they weren’t going to get great press, but at least they were able to put it behind them.’  And now, he creates this whole firestorm and focus and attention on something that has nothing to do with the story.  That’s where, in my opinion, he failed the organization.  You can’t start new fires in a situation like that.  Put the thing out and move on.”

More:  “I know Omar the person.  He’s not a vindictive type of guy.”


More: “As the general manager, you don’t want to, and I learned this from my cousin Dan in Boston who had a contentious relationship with the writers up there to the point where the organization had to make a change and let him go partly because of that relationship, you don’t pick fights with the media.  You are not going to win that fight.  Omar was not going to win this fight with the Daily News or Adam Rubin.  Why would you try to go out and try to publicly embarrass him and potentially get him fired?"

Photo: Corey Sipkin

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