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Jim Nantz plans to walk away after 2035 Masters

Jim Nantz also made an appearance at the SBJ event (see post below), reiterating he plans to retire from golf broadcasting after working his 50th Masters in 2035, and confirming there is an "unwritten rule" at CBS against discussing NFL betting lines on the air.

Click below for the possibly illegal cut and paste from Sports Business Daily.

Also below, read an amusing (and legal) excerpt from Friday's new "CenterStage" with Nantz on YES in which he tells a story about his encounter with the Queen of England at the White House.CBS Sports' Jim Nantz participated in a one-on-one interview during the first day of the 10th annual Fantasy Sports Associations Sports Media & Technology Conference in N.Y. Nantz said his career goal is "to be able to say that I broadcast 50 Masters." Nantz: "It is such an honor to call the NFL. I think that those Sundays are so exciting, watching the stadiums fill up. But The Masters was the event. That’s the one I watched with my father." He said, "God willing and CBS willing," he will broadcast his 50th Masters on April 8, 2035, at which point, he will retire from golf. When asked what he would like his legacy to be, Nantz said, “I just hope that people one day would think that I did my homework, that I gave a good, honest performance and was not trying to do something to draw a lot of attention to myself.” Meanwhile, with Tiger Woods sidelined due to injury, Nantz said marketers should keep an eye on Anthony Kim. Nantz said Kim is "loaded with talent and fearless," and added he "has the right mentality to be able to go in there and hang with Tiger a little bit.” Nantz said, “Sergio Garcia and Anthony Kim are the two young guys, who when Tiger gets back [from his injury], will make it the most interesting it’s been since Tiger began dominating the sport.”

RATINGS GAME: Nantz said that he keeps an eye on TV ratings but does not live by them. He said golf's ratings have been "trending down, including events in which Tiger competed the year before (he was hurt).” Nantz added, “Outside of the NFL, everything is coming down. The NFL is America’s sport. I know that’s sacrilegious to say, because baseball has been America’s pastime. ... The World Series had an overall rating that would not match (the CBS) 1 o’clock regional window on any given NFL Sunday.” Meanwhile, Nantz said of the betting line on NFL games, “We have an unwritten rule that that is never discussed (on the air). We never talk lines.”

PACKER BACKER: Nantz said his long-time college basketball partner Billy Packer, who parted ways with CBS this summer, deserves to be in the Basketball HOF. Nantz: "Dick Vitale went in the Hall of Fame this year. I’m happy for Dick. ... He’s a great promoter of college basketball, and I enjoy him and I admire his person. Billy should have been in there first, but I’m glad Dick got in. So, I have no ax to grind with Dick. He’s never called a single NCAA tournament game, much less a Final Four game. My man, Billy Packer, needs to be there.” Nantz said that he takes the blame for Packer’s omission, having failed to understand that “somebody has to nominate him. There’s a process. I blame myself for never having taken that step,” which he said he has since addressed.

Here's the YES thing:

A state dinner involves only 130 people in the state dining room, that’s all they can squeeze in there. So I walked over to my table, Arnold Palmer was by my side, and there was Mrs. Reagan, former Secretary of State George Schultz, Chief Justice John Roberts and Mrs. Colin Powell. There were two empty seats, and sure enough, the President and the Queen walked in and I was sitting at the table with the Queen. As it would just work out at a round-table of 10, I was sitting directly across from her. So, I couldn’t come out of my soup bowl without like looking up and looking at the necklace and the tiara. I knew part of the reason I was there is that they wanted me to help kick up the conversation a little bit. I said, “Your Majesty, how was the Kentucky Derby?” She had been to the Kentucky Derby two days earlier. “It was lovely.” Okay. How about some details here, did you bet on the race? “So, your trip’s been pleasant?” “Oh yes.” I couldn’t engage her in conversation. At one point, I think she was looking at me like, who is this guy? President (Bush) leans over and says, “Jimmy’s a friend of the family, we’ve known him a long time, really close to my dad. He just did something never been done over here before. Just called the Super Bowl, the Final Four and the Augusta.” I was kind of waiting for her to give me that nodding approval. She just looked at me, reached back down and went right back to eating. Nothing, I got nothing. She did at one time turn to Arnold (Palmer) and said, “How many people do you figure you’ve played golf with in your life?” Arnold doesn’t hear real well, he’s got hearing aids in both ears. So he said, “Huh?” I was there for interpretation, “How many rounds of golf do you think you’ve played with people in your life?” And she asks, “A hundred thousand?” He says, “You know, more.” She says, “Five hundred thousand?” He says, “About right.” Of course my mind, I can’t help it, I can’t shut it down. I started doing the calculation on it. I had it in five seconds. If the day you came out of the womb, you went out and played golf with three other people that would be three people a day, it’d be a thousand people roughly you play with the first year of your life. It would take you 500 years to have played golf, with a half a million people. But I didn’t want to call it on Arnold because I love him too much and the Queen was sitting right there.

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