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Jimmy Johnson considers the Pokes a 'sloppy' team

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Every Sunday the networks that produce NFL pregame shows are kind enough to send reams of quotes from them so I don't have to actually watch.

Sometimes there is interesting stuff. For example, this exchange on CBS between Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason comparing Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger:

SHARPE: I'm going to take Eli because of the pressure that he's under. He's Archie's son. He's Peyton's younger brother and if you look he was the first quarterback taken, the first pick in the draft. He demanded a trade. He didn't want to go to that team. Now he's in New York with all that pressure. I saw a sign in Giants Stadium once that said Eli Manning is adopted. I'm going with Eli with the pressure he's under.

ESIASON: Ben Roethlisberger is a spontaneous playmaker unlike Eli Manning, and to me that makes the difference.

Fox loaded up on Cowboys stuff, because the Cowboys always are prime pregame fodder, win or lose.

Click below for Pam Oliver's interview with Jerry Jones, plus pointed comments from the studio panel, including Mr. Jimmy Johnson, an old pal of Jones'.Oliver: “Is your team a mess?”

Jones: “Mess is not the word. It’s so close; it’s an offside penalty here, it’s bad timing of a penalty there. It’s missed assignments here but mess I think is real strong.”

Oliver: “You said you’re keeping Wade (Phillips) for the season.”

Jones: “Absolutely.”

Oliver: “Then evaluating?”

Jones: “No, not at all. It’s ridiculous to think that I would change Wade Phillips. We’ve got a head coach that was very much a part of that turnaround from a year before.”

Oliver: “What on earth makes (WR) Roy Williams worth $45 million?”

Jones: “When you put him on the other side of Terrell Owens, initially you create problems for the defense. So, he’ll be a big time addition.”

Oliver: “Is it time to cut ties with Adam Jones? You asked him to do one thing and he couldn’t do it.”

Jones: “I have spent a lot of time looking at Adam’s background. I know him to be very smart. He has made bad decisions. He is being asked to really toe the line, as it should be, in a way that probably not many of us have had those kinds of restrictions in what we do. I know from the standpoint of a football player, we’ve never had one on this team that had more things that he couldn’t do and that’s going to take a lot from him. If he does it, then I’ll consider it.”

Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Strahan and Howie Long:

Johnson: “They’re a sloppy, sloppy football team. Their fundamentals are poor; they should have been practicing the fundamentals in training camp rather than being TV stars for “Hard Knocks.” And I’ll say this to Jerry (Jones). Don’t tell me about 13 wins in the regular season. The fans want to know about playoffs.”

Bradshaw: “Jerry Jones spent $142 million dollars this year, $30 million more than anyone in the National Football League; he’ll pay $85 million dollars in bonus money alone this year. However, not one dollar was spent on a leader.”

Strahan: “On the sidelines the players look dejected. They need a fiery guy who is always positive to go up and down that sideline to keep guys in the game. If they had that one player, I guarantee you they wouldn’t have the record they have right now.”

Long: “In some ways the cure is the curse in Dallas. As a player, Jerry (Jones) is a guy you want to play for. Jerry’s going to do whatever it takes right now and the Roy Williams acquisition is a great example of that but they have too many distractions. This was the most talented team in football last year and they’re the most talented team in football this year. As poorly as last season ended, I think the single focus should be on winning a championship not Hard Knocks and not the distractions. Right now, it’s a distracted football team."


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