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Joe Benigno of WFAN (and SNY!) not a Beltran fan

(Credit: Watchdog)

It's a shame that there is no TV simulcast of WFAN's mid-day show, as there is for the afternoon show.

Because listening to Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts screaming at each other about Carlos Beltran this morning, I would love video to determine whether either or both was on the verge of climbing over the radio equipment between them to choke one another.

Brief summary: Joe is not a huge fan of Beltran. Roberts questioned him on this point.

(UPDATE: You can listen to the fight here.)

Why do I listen to this stuff? Because if I don't, the only sound in the basement will be the dehumidifier humming.

I could listen to music like Deadspin's Will Leitch does while he rules the sports blogosphere from a basement in Brooklyn. But that would be too sane.

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