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Joe Buck is more familiar with the Giants than the Pats

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Greetings from Tom Rock's hotel room across the street from the Media Center. We finally gave up on the wireless Internet system there, which has crashed and burned and caused reporters to curse loudly and wish they were back in the 20th century.

I do not recall such angst about the wireless Internet system the last time I covered a Super Bowl here, in 1996.

One of the most famous media filing meltdowns came at The Spectrum in 1992 after the Duke-Kentucky NCAA Tournament epic, when there were severe telephone malfunctions and shortages and many reporters teetered on the brink of nervous breakdowns.

I was watching in Lexington, Kentucky, at the time at a media party for another regional. I believe the Fab Five of Michigan beat Ohio State the next day at Rupp Arena.

Anyway, here's an item about Joe Buck:

Buck has been a regular at Giants games this season, including all three playoff victories. The Patriots? Nada.

“One good thing is of all the teams that could have come out of the AFC, we all know the Patriots,’’ he said. “It’s an easy story to catch up on, but yes, I have to do more [preparation] on that side than where I’ve been sitting for the last three weeks.’’

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