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Joe Buck on Mark McGwire's new job: 'stunning'

Fox's Joe Buck was nice enough to call WatchDog headquarters Tuesday to chat about the World Series, but I also snuck in a question about what he thought of the Cardinals hiring his old pal Mark McGwire as their hitting coach.

"Stunning - stunning on his part," Buck said. "I know LaRussa has always wanted him, and it's been well documented that he's worked with guys in the offseason - Schumaker and Holliday and the Duncan brothers - and loves what he has to offer them.

"Schumaker has become a really good major league hitter and he credits McGwire, and Holliday is about to cash in with a lot of money. He was probably just as good before, but I think he found some things out about McGwire's preparation that helped him.

"I'm just surprised, knowing Mark the way I do, that he's willing to jump back in. I'm thrilled for him because I'm excited for him to have a chance to answer questions however he wants to answer them.

"I don't know what we're going to get out of him or anybody as time goes on about what went on in their lives, what they did or didn't do. But I know that he's too good of a guy to be away from the game and kind of go into hiding, which he really has.

"He's a good dad to his sons. He's a good family guy. He's a great golfer. But I think he wants to be part of the game, and that to me has been one of the biggest shames. A lot of guys who were at that congressional hearing had a chance to play after that and kind of put that behind them.

"That was really the last time we heard or saw Mark except for one appearance when he came back to Busch Stadium for a moment, but it was a wave and goodbye. Now he's going to be there on an everyday basis and it's going to be good for him.

"I'm excited to see how that unfolds. I already texted him for my HBO show and he said he'd do it when he turns 50."

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