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Joe Namath chats up Woody Allen

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret are shown in a

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret are shown in a publicity photo for the 1964 film, " Viva Las Vegas." (Credit: AP)

Check out this very strange, very cool photo montage chronicling Game 6 of the World Series. (Thanks to our friends at The Big Lead for the link.)

Now that I've re-booted the blog, I need to start doing some newspaper work, too.

Enjoy "The Joe Namath Show" at 2 p.m. on ESPN Classic.

(You know how I often jokingly tell you to enjoy some weird programming on ESPN Classic or Versus or MSG Plus or wherever? Well, this time I'm not kidding. I'm watching. Joe's guests on the show, which originally aired in October, 1969, are Bernie Casey and Woody Allen. Joe Namath and Woody Allen? The DVR is poised and ready.)


Well, the huge disappointment was that Woody's segment on the show was severely trimmed for some reason - almost to the point of nonexistence.

Other than that, though, it was a satisfyingly bizarre experience.

"The critics have been saying the appeal of this show is its amateurism," co-host Dick Schaap (Cornell Class of '55) said to Joe. "You're living up to it."

The highlight - other than cast member Louisa Moritz's micro-mini-skirt - was a cameo by Ann-Margret, who rose unannounced during an audience question segment and asked Namath to what he attributes his "quick release."

After some sheepish giggling from both parties (and the audience), she added, "He knows what I mean."

Namath cited two things, each of which was greeted by nervous laughter from the audience: excitement and fear.

Oh, my.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I just watched a YouTube video of Mr. Namath and Ms. Ann-Margret, um, "acting" together that offers some possible insight into all of this. But I most definitely will not be posting said video here. You're on your own.

ANOTHER UPDATE: One addtional oddity I forgot to mention earlier. At the end of the show Joe promotes the featured guest on the next episode: Bills rookie O.J. Simpson.

Photo: AP

Here is a clip from another episode in which (toward the end) Joe comes out in favor of athletes betting on sports!:


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