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Joe Namath still is the man

Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath smiles on the

Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath smiles on the sidelines before Sunday's game in Houston. (September 13, 2009) (Credit: AP)

I had an interesting conversation with Joe Namath in September regarding the Jets' new young quarterback, who at the time was 2-0.

Namath said nice things about Mark Sanchez and his potential and clearly hoped the Jets would do well. But when I asked Namath whether after all these years he would be relieved finally to pass along the burden of being the face of the franchise . . .

Well, here is a transcript of our chat as he had his makeup removed after appearing on HBO's "Joe Buck Live":

WatchDog: "Would you like to see one of these younger guys actually win a championship so it's not like every quarterback who comes down the pike has to be compared to you?"

Broadway Joe: "That has nothing to do with anything. I'd just like to see us win a championship."

WatchDog: "But you know how it is; every quarterback that comes through, people want to talk about you. If this guy wins a championship, then people will talk about him. Wouldn't that be nice, or do you like the fact you come up every time a quarterback comes through here?"

Joe: [Several seconds of sardonic laughing.] "How would you feel?" [Several more seconds of sardonic laughing.]

Here a friend of Joe's interjected: "How would you feel when that new guy comes to Newsday and takes your job?"

WatchDog: "Oh, so you like the fact it's always you. Nothing wrong with that."

Joe: "I did not say that."

Photo: AP

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