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Joe Torre's book already is a pre-order best seller

(Credit: Watchdog)

Joe Torre and Tom Verducci are believed to be in line for a total advance of $1.5 million for their new book collaboration.

Good for them. (Especially Verducci.) But whoever has been behind the publicity at Random House deserves a bonus, too.

The rollout has been brilliant, from a sensationalized leak to the New York Post on the first non-NFL Sunday since Labor Day, to a sober review in The New York Times Monday, to, um, I guess me somewhere in between Tuesday.

There is no arguing with the bottom line: As of Tuesday morning, the book was No. 1 on Barnes & Noble's Web sales list and No. 4 at Amazon.

And the book doesn't even come out for another seven days!

Speaking of publicity, Mr. Torre begins his interview tour Friday with Larry King.

Photo credit: We pay AP for this stuff, so why not use it?

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