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John Sterling's new favorite moment is Stadium finale

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Yes, I am aware of the fact today's news is the Mets and Jets and that the Yankee Stadium finale is ancient history. But let me just clean up some loose ends that I didn't have room for in my Tuesday newspaper column, OK?

For example:

Click below for a complete transcript of what John Sterling said immediately after the final out and also at the end of the radio broadcast."The pitch, hit on the ground to first, grabbed by Ransom. Goes to the bag, touches it. Ball game over, Yankees win! Thuuuuh Yankees win!

"Well, the New York Yankees have won the last game at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 21, 2008. They won the first game at Yankee Stadium on April 18, 1923. Eighty-six baseball seasons. And in between the Yankees have done what they did in the first game and what they did in the last game. They won.

"The most successful franchise in the history of professional sports, who've won 26 World Championships, and playing in the most storied venue in the history of sports, Yankee Stadium. How symmetrical. How well does it all fit together. So the Yankees win the ball game by the score of 7-3 and conclude this the final season, the final game at hallowed Yankee Stadium."

Here is some of what he said at the end of the postgame:

"As far as I'm concerned it's a feeling of tremendous pride. I couldn't believe I got the Yankees job 20 years ago. Actually it was more than 20 years ago because I got it in the late summer, early fall of '88. If you work for any business you want to take pride in it. And I take such pride in the Yankees and the Yankees name and the Yankees success and the people they draw.

"You heard Jeter say it: We have the greatest fans in the world. Well, obviously they do, because look at the people they draw and the stream of support that the fans give their franchise. Buck Showalter had a line that they don't come to see the Yankees play, they come to see them win. So when they come here they come ready to do their part to spur the Yankees on and they do it better - and I've been on every sport and every city in this country broadcasting games for a long time - they do it better here than anywhere else.

"I think [Sunday] is going to be my favorite highlight. Isn't that amazing? All the old-timers' days and all the World Series games, etc., and I think it's going to be my favorite highlight. I can't tell you the immense pride I feel in being a part, a small part, of the Yankees.

"And I'm very proud to be a member of WCBS. CBS has always been the Tiffany of broadcast companies, and when George Steinbrenner bought the Yankees he said, 'I bought the Tiffany of sports.' And what he did was, spending money to make money, he turned it back into the Tiffany and it is that and more.

"And it's going to be even more so when they move across the street to that fabulous new Yankee Stadium."

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