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Jon Gruden to Jimmy Clausen: 'I'll stalk you down, Jimmy'

Gotta love ESPN's series of segments this week in which Jon Gruden studied game tape with the top quarterbacks in next week's draft.

Here is the one with Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, during which Gruden said this:

"I just think you've really got to elevate your expectations. You start putting stuff like this out on tape, people think you're, a., undisciplined, or b., you're just winging it, you're just going through the motions like Ryan Leaf.

"You just have to be more on top of your details than this. This is disrespectful to Notre Dame, disrespectful to the quarterback position. You've been blessed with talent, and really, Charlie Weis and Jimmy Clausen are a lot better than that.

"I want you to look at it like that. Because I'll stalk you down, Jimmy. I'll come find you. Let's not put that on our tape anymore."


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