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Jon Heyman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus lived together! Sort of

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The season premiere of "The New Adventures of Old Christine" is Wednesday night. You should watch it. It's a good show.

What does this have to do with sports? Julia Louis-Dreyfus lived next door to former Newsday scribe Jon Heyman, now of Sports Illustrated, SNY and WFAN, in the dorm at Northwestern.

Click below to read Jon's bluntly candid memories of his old college pal, a WatchDog exclusive!"I don't remember too much as she didn't associate with me very much. She lived next door on the fourth floor in Willard Hall sophomore year and I don't think we exchanged two words in a year, which I can't really blame her for. She had more important things to do.

"I remember that she was in one of my communication classes and she hardly ever showed up. I think she got a D or an F and I remember thinking that she was wasting her life and would never amount to anything. (That prediction is right up there with my call of the Indians winning the World Series this year.)

"I am sure she doesn't remember getting a bad grade, or even me, who lived right next door to her. She did perform in the school plays, and she was really great - hilarious - and that's no surprise. But who thinks they're living next to a future superstar?

"I also remember that while she was cuter than most of the young women at Northwestern she was also slightly frumpy. As much weight as I've put on over the past 25 years, she's taken off. She actually looks much better now than she did 25 years ago.

"The other thing I remember is having vague knowledge that her father was really rich, and when he came to visit thinking he's really short - that he's the richest, shortest person I ever saw in my life. But I don't think I said two words to him, either. I was just observing him since I didn't really know many super rich people."

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