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Katie Casey, Craig Carton, shoveling snow . . . I'm out

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This is the end of the road for me this week.

I have shoveling to do - the kind involving snow, as opposed to what I usually shovel around here - and a family to raise.

The best thing about today has been that in between reading and writing about sports talk radio in 2008, I've been writing a feature about the origins of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in 1908.

I liked the latter subject better. All of the people involved are dead. That always helps.

Click below for leftover stuff from Craig Carton that did not make it into today's newspaper article on him.

Enjoy "Arli$$" on ESPN Classic at 2:30 a.m.On how things are going so far:

"We're having a blast doing it. My philosophy has always been if we’re having fun doing the show, then that comes through, then it’s fun for people to listen to."

On being careful about what he says:

"Every day I know there are places I’m not going to go and shouldn't go. This is a different place than I worked at last. I’m pretty good, believe it or not, when the boss is telling me what to do and what not to do. In Jersey they told me to do certain things and allowed me to do certain things and we did a different kind of show. I would never do stuff like that here."

More on being careful:

"There are times when I’m very cognizant there’s no need to take the next step. The ratings aren’t going to double if I use the next line. We can do a very good, successful show going up to a certain point that I’m pretty comfortable with. I’m aware of it. Boomer is great. He’s a great sounding board."

On his relationship with Boomer:

"It’s a good dynamic. It’s like big brother, little brother."

On his trouble sleeping:

"My clock doesn’t stop. As much as I don’t sleep at night, when I wake up the motor is on. If I'm lucky I get four hours' sleep a night straight."

On morning radio being a good job for someone who doesn't sleep much anyway:

"It's great. I go to bed, four hours, I’m up and I’m away."

On how long he wants to do this job:

"I hope 20 years from now we’re sitting here saying, 'Hey, 20 years ago no one thought you’d make it.' I don’t want any other radio job. For what I do for a living, this is the job, I think it’s the greatest job in radio. My goal is where there’s never an issue of going anywhere."

On caring whether people like him:

"I’d rather they find me entertaining. I’d rather when someone turns on the radio, even if they’re mad as hell, they want to vent to me because of something I said, great. If someone turns on the radio and they listen for five minutes or five hours and walk out with no opinion of me or the show, then I haven’t done my job . . . I want you to turn on the radio and be entertained or be moved."

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