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Keith Hernandez watches Mets tilt from behind plate

(Credit: Watchdog)

Those wacky guys at SNY unveiled another wrinkle Tuesday night, putting Keith Hernandez behind home plate to observe the Mets game from a different angle. It yielded some interesting observations and banter with his partners in the booth.

Do you like this sort of stuff, which is an SNY trademark - Burkhardt in McCovey Cove, Cohen in the upper deck, in-game interviews, etc. - or do you prefer the far more straightforward approach at YES, which says good-bye to reporter Kim Jones at about 6:40 p.m. and usually doesn't call upon her again until the game is over around midnight?

Reasonable minds can disagree. Discuss among yourselves.

Today's collection of posts is one of the strangest in memory. I will be blogging lightly through the rest of the week due to newspaper commitments. It's just as well. I don't want to set a monthly page views record so high I will not be able to break it anytime soon.

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