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Kevin Burkhardt of SNY graduates from cars to kayak

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I wrote a Sunday newspaper column/feature on SNY's Kevin Burkhardt, a former car salesman who has become a rising star at the network.

SNY and YES take dramatically different approaches to the sideline reporter job - wait a minute, there are no "sidelines" in baseball, are there? - but Burkhardt and YES' Kimberly Jones both stand out in what can be a difficult, thankless role.

(UPDATE: I'd like to clarify an ambiguously worded sentence in the story that caused some confusion for at least one reader. I wrote, Burkhardt, 34, said he would find YES' approach "boring . . . I love the way we do things." He was not saying he finds YES' telecast boring; he merely was saying he personally would find it boring to do the job if he were thus limited during the games themselves. Sigh. I should have listened to my mother and become a landscape architect.)

I visited with Burkhardt at the Yogi Berra Museum, where Ian Eagle and Bruce Beck were hosting 52 sports announcing campers. Yogi himself as well as other radio/TV types addressed the young hopefuls - ages 13 to 21 - during the week.

Ed Ingles conducted a sports broadcasting camp of his own at Hofstra the same week, training a new generation of announcers for WatchDog readers to someday complain to me about.

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