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Kobe Bryant's jersey still a big seller in China

(Credit: Watchdog)

The Chinese apparently got caught up in the Celtics' championship run last season, lifting two members of the Boston Three Party into the top 10 in jersey sales.

Here are the top selling NBA jerseys in China last season compared to the year before. (I do not have a list of the top selling Chinese players' jerseys in the U.S.)


1. Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

2. Kevin Garnett (Celtics)

3. Tracy McGrady (Rockets)

4. Paul Pierce (Celtics)

5. Allen Iverson (Nuggets)

6. Gilbert Arenas (Wizards)

7. LeBron James (Cavaliers)

8. Dwyane Wade (Heat)

9. Dwight Howard (Magic)

10. Yao Ming (Rockets)


1. Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

2. Allen Iverson (Nuggets)

3. Tracy McGrady (Rockets)

4. Dwyane Wade (Heat)

5. LeBron James (Cavaliers)

6. Yao Ming (Rockets)

7. Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves)

8. Tim Duncan (Spurs)

9. Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets)

10. Gilbert Arenas (Wizards)

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