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LeBron James, Ron Darling and a 5,000-calorie burger

"60 Minutes" loves to feature sports figures on Sunday nights when it has just gotten through televising a major sports event. Hence, NCAAs=LeBron!

With 1:18 left in the Clippers-Knicks game Wednesday, MSG replayed Al Harrington's T for hanging on the rim Feb. 11 against the Clippers. Less than a minute later, he did it again, live, probably costing the Knicks the game. Now THAT'S TV production, people.

Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez will work Friday night's Mets-Nationals game on SNY . . . without a play-by-play man. Just an experiment. It's spring training. Why not?

Darren (Roslyn) Rovell eats a 5,000-calorie burger.

Interesting stuff from a Lighthouse project rally Thursday night. Momentum is building, Long Island. This thing might yet come to pass before DiPietro's contract expires.

Big weekend of St. John's and Manhasset High lacrosse action, available for viewing on the Internet. Check it out here.

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