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Lesley Visser named top female sportscaster ever

CBS' Lesley Visser recently was voted the No. 1 female sportscaster ever by the American Sportscasters Association.

I asked her about this Tuesday.

"Vin Scully was for the men so it was really quite an honor," she said. "All I could think was that when I started, the credentials said, 'No women or children in the press box.'

"So to go from there to be respected like this, it was an enormous honor to think I didn't just come and go. A lot of people come and go but I lasted more than three decades at a pretty high level.

"Obviously a lot of people at CBS helped make it possible. They were the ones who made me the only woman to do the Super Bowl trophy presentation, when the Redskins beat Buffalo.

"My great memory of that is all I heard was [producer] Bob Stenner screaming in my ear, 'Get the mike out of Jack Kent Cooke's hand!' Like I don't have enough going on.

"I also have ABC to thank. They made me the first woman on 'Monday Night Football.' It was a long journey but it's like Eisenhower once said, 'You don't land on Normandy yourself.'

"When I started at the Boston Globe in the mid-'70s, since I was the first woman to cover the NFL, they had no ladies rooms. You might not think that was a big deal, but I aways tell the other women who do this, I got you ladies rooms. That is not insignificant by the way.

"You know what I used to do? The Patriots would have the ball on first-and-10 from the 20, and I'd think, 'Can I go down the elevator, across the field, and use the public rest room?'"


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