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Long-time listener, first-time proposer on WFAN

After 22 years on the air, there isn't much that can happen on WFAN that has not happened before, but the morning of Sept. 13 brought what is believed to be a first for the station:

A wedding proposal made and accepted live on the air - at 2:30 a.m.

Dan Levenson, 26, of Brooklyn, a long-time listener and caller to Marc Malusis' overnight show, worked with the host to pull it off.

Levenson told his girlfriend, Dale Greenspan, 23, of Deal, N.J., that he would be in the WFAN studio that night representing Giants fans as part of a special preseason roundtable.

She was to call in and give him an easy question to get the discussion started.

After she asked it, he revealed he was not in the studio but in fact waiting outside her front door.

With a ring. She said yes. They are to be married in June.

Levenson later told me Greenspan previously had helped pick out the ring . . . and a wedding date.

So the official proposal did not exactly come as a complete shock. But the circumstances did.

"You have to surprise her," he said. "You can't just take her to the park and get on one knee. It has to be something she wouldn't expect."

Said Malusis: "It was pretty cool."

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