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Luke Russert remembers his father on XM radio

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XM Radio's "60/20" with James Carville and Luke Russert will pay tribute to Luke's father, Tim, in a special, commercial-free, two-hour show debuting at noon Friday.

The focus will be Tim Russert's connection to sports, including clips of his interviews with sports figures and interviews of some of those figures by his son and Carville.

Click below for excerpts of taped interviews that XM sent, although they don't necessarily have anything to do with Tim. But there is stuff from Marv Levy about Trent Edwards if you're interested.1. Lance Armstrong, who was the last sports figure to be interviewed by Tim Russert on “Meet the Press,” told Luke Russert and Carville about his experience appearing on the program in 2007:

“I’ve never been more excited, or more nervous, about an interview. We lost a great one, and I certainly think this election was changed by his passing.”

2. Luke Russert talked with former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy about his father Tim’s lifelong devotion to the Bills:

LUKE RUSSERT: The first question my father would ask if he was here would be, “Are we going to break the drought and make the playoffs this year?”

MARV LEVY: I know the answer he’d like to have, but I’m going to quote Casey Stengel, who said, “I never make predictions, especially about the future.”

3. Luke Russert asked former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy about the prospects for Bills quarterback Trent Edwards:

MARV LEVY: I’m very impressed with Trent Edwards coming in. I remember Bill Walsh calling me and saying, “This guy’s got it.” The things I’m so impressed with are his intelligence, his level-headedness, his understanding that he’s got a lot to learn, and his quest for learning. He reads defenses more quickly than most young quarterbacks when they enter the league. If you look back at other quarterbacks in their first year or two in the league, you’ll see Troy Aikman went one-and-fifteen. Terry Bradshaw won one game as a rookie. Joe Montana couldn’t even break into the line-up until his third year. Brett Favre was let go by Atlanta. Steve Young was let go by Tampa. So it takes a while for a quarterback.”

4. Luke Russert asked Bill Bradley, the former U.S. senator and basketball great, about the Boston Celtics’ victory over the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA championship this week:

BILL BRADLEY: The Celtics were an older team. They had to win this year, or the whole experiment would be considered a failure. The Lakers are a very young team. When it got really tight, you tended to have Kobe [Bryant] taking over the game. With a more mature team, you have all five guys willing to take the last shot. I was pulling for Phil [Jackson, who was a traveling roommate of Bradley’s when they played for the New York Knicks], although part of me liked the fact that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were going to get this championship, because none of them had it before. It’s a taste you never forget.

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