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Many Giants/Jets fans not fans of personal seat licenses

(Credit: Watchdog)

I promise Newsday will be writing much more about PSLs as the Giants reveal more specifics and the Jets inevitably announce they will sell them, too.

But the Giants' announcement didn't come down until late Thursday, and I'm on hiatus for now so I didn't have time to properly tie it all together this week. It's too complicated a subject to cover simply by allowing incensed fans to vent for 750 words in the Sunday newspaper, so I restricted myself to a small comment at the end of my column.

On the other hand, blogs are an excellent place for venting! So to keep everyone busy for now, click below for a sampling from the first round of angry e-mails I received. I am presenting them without names, because I have not had the chance to verify their identities, but I'm only using the ones that at least seem legit.

For more angry fan comments, see my several previous posts on the subject, including the first one.

Keep in mind there are other sides to this. Many in the (relatively) cheap seats are relieved they only will be charged $1,000 for the right to keep buying tickets. And many who have been shut out of season tickets for decades by entrenched, multi-generation subscribers are pleased they might finally get their shot now, a view reflected in e-mail No. 2 below.

My question: Remind me why we needed a new stadium in the first place, when the one that currently stands is a fine place to watch a football game, even if it isn't a fine place to stroll around in wide concourses and spend money in expensive bars and restaurants?E-mail No. 1:

Thank you for writing about the PSL's at Giants Stadium. I thought for sure the story would get a headline on either the front cover, the back cover or both. Alas, your story was the only mention.

The Giants are trying to raise $400 million and there's barely a mention of this in the paper?

Here's an economic issue that effects alot of people yet there's no other mention besides your column. If this were the Willie Randolph story there would have been front and back cover headlines, graphs, charts and 10 pages of wraparound, surround-sound coverage.

There was more coverage about MTA former and current board members using free EZ Passes. These members couldn't spend $400 million on their EZ passes in 400 million lifetimes. Yet there's barely any mention of fans having to shell out $400 million to help the Giants build a new stadium.

This lends credence to my contention that priorities are so misguided. Willie Randolph isn't going to cost me at least $4,000 for a PSL yet there isn't extensive coverage for an issue that will effect many people economically.

I'm also surprised there is virtually no negative fan reaction in the paper.

What's going on here?

E-mail No. 2:

I get a kick out of the outrage over PSLs.

The old "It hurts the average fan" baloney.

I've got news for everyone.

The "average fan" doesn't have Giants season tickets.

The "average fan" has been sitting on the waiting list for 20+ years.

The "average fan" doesn't get the opportunity to actually pay face value for a ticket and go watch the Giants play.

The season ticket holders REALLY need to quit their whining.

Do they realize how good they have it????

If you don't want to pay the PSL, don't pay it.

That way you'll give the "average fan" an opportunity to enjoy what you've been enjoying for years.

The fact of the matter is that a Giants season ticket is a heck of a good investment.

E-mail No. 3:

We've been shuddering at this for 10 years now since the Panthers started this nonsense. My Dad and uncle always said there was some kind of New York state law/policy that restricted this. And since the Giants have a their roots as a NY co they couldn't do it before. Do any of the

other three major league teams have this? I know the Mets, Yankees and Isles don't. I didn't know about the Nets, Knicks, Devils or Rangers.

E-mail No. 4:

Hope you are doing well. Regular reader of your column and I’ve chimed in before.

I am an 18 year Jets season ticket holder.

I don’t understand why the media would repeat the term “PSL” that the teams throw out and not call this for what it is.

The teams are charging season ticket holders a “Building Fund Service Charge”.

This is the same things that Temples charge new members, who also have to pay a family membership fee.

And since the teams are generating revenue off the new stadium, why didn’t you ask them if they are instituting a revenue sharing plan with all their season ticket holders who are being asked to contribute to the building fund?

E-mail No. 5:

The perception among fans right now is that the Giants' plan is slightly more reasonable than what the Jets are looking into. I suspect Giants fans will be more forgiving of the Giants than the Jets fans will be of their organization after all, winning 3 Super Bowls tends to do that for a team. The Jets on the other hand are undercutting their reason for even existing in this market. They play in New Jersey, further from the majority of their fan base here on Long Island. They are moving their training complex from Hofstra and they STILL share a stadium with the more dominant team in the market and gauging the reaction of fans to the survey the Jets, Mr Johnson, while I believe will make some of his money back, he will see plenty of empty seats at his half a palace and might regret going in half with the Giants.

E-mail No. 6:

I am one of the Jets season ticket holders that was infuriated by the PSL survey.

A question that needs to be asked – (2) people – (1) Jets Fan and (1) Giants fan are paying for the same seat. If you have read the Jets survey, they note that the PSL gives you the first chance at purchasing tickets for non football events. So who “owns” the seat and the right to but the ticket first?

It would also be great to see the amount of PSL income from the other single occupant stadiums, against their cost of construction, vs. the PSL income from twice the number of fans vs. Stadium cost for this 2 occupant stadium……

Would also love to see the amount of money they are receiving for the (4) corner scoreboard licenses and the entire stadium naming license…….

1.6 Billion is a tremendous amount of money, but who asked them to build it that way?

E-mail No. 7:

i have a friend that's been a season ticket holder since 1955...today came the end.

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