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Mark Fidrych captured U.S. on 'Monday Night Baseball'

Readers who grew up in the cable TV era can't fully appreciate how much impact a regular-season, nationally televised baseball game still could have in 1976.

But that it did when Mark Fidrych's Tigers hosted the Yankees on June 28 of that year, attracting a "Monday Night Baseball" audience that cemented Fidrych's eccentric image for eternity.

By the way, Warner Wolf called the game for ABC!

I should have called him last night, but I was hard at work at Citi Field. I might call him today, but I have been given another assignment that will keep me busy and limit me to little or no blogging.

I'm a newspaper reporter, remember? If you have a problem with me not blogging, write a letter to the editor.

Do people still write letters to the editor?

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