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Marshall alums vote early and often for their fave

(Credit: Watchdog)

I did some journalistic snooping while visiting the Tribeca Film Festival (see post below) and discovered how and why "We Are Marshall" won the vote for favorite football flick - thus earning the right to be shown at the "drive-in" Saturday at the World Financial Center.

Turns out a site frequented by Marshall alumni caught wind of the contest and mounted a vast Internet conspiracy to vote early and often. Hence some of the nutty results, including a 93-7 blowout of "Rudy" in the final.

Too bad Notre Dame doesn't have an active alumni community.

(I'm old school, of course. I would have voted for "Brian's Song.")

I know it's a busy sports weekend, but I won't be blogging. I think the wife and kids have started to notice that I've been ignoring them.

See you Monday. Enjoy college boxing on SNY at 4:30 p.m. Wait . . . college boxing?

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