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Media members collect dirt from Stadium mound

(Credit: Watchdog)

I'm no expert on journalism ethics, but I figured this was a pretty good rule of thumb Sunday night:

Is it OK to take home cups full of dirt from the Yankee Stadium pitcher's mound?

Yes, if you are Don Larsen, Whitey Ford or Mariano Rivera, all of whom did partake.

No, if you are a credentialed media member, a number of whom also did.

Yikes. In fairness, these were not media members I know personally and it's possible some of those I observed were family and friends of players, even though they were wearing credentials.

But there is no question that some took advantage of their access to the field not to interview players or observe the scene but to help themselves to pieces of history from the mound and around home plate.

(Full disclosure: I still have some inadvertent dust on my shoes. But Mrs. WatchDog tragically washed some off my pants when I wasn't looking, and with it my daughters' college fund.)

It was a strange night, journalism-wise. Media members found it so cool that Babe Ruth's daughter was wheeled into the interview room for a brief news conference that she got a rare round of applause when it was over.

There was no applause following Hal Steinbrenner's interview session immediately after.

Spike Lee spent several hours before the game hanging out in the press room kibitzing with writers and watching the Giants game on TV.

Michael Kay said he briefly was distracted when he looked up into the stands while co-hosting the pregame ceremony and saw Bob Knight sitting there.

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