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MetLife evidently first sponsor for Giants/Jets building

(Credit: Watchdog)

Let's keep this between us for now, because it's very hush-hush, but I heard from a well-connected member of WatchDog's vast spy network that the first of four "corner" sponsors has signed up for the new Jets/Giants Stadium.

Looks like it's going to be MetLife, which, as the name suggests, will get one of the four corners of the building named for it, and will get exclusive sponsorship rights in the insurance sector.

I hear the price is around $6 million per year, which is less than the Giants/Jets people originally sought for the corner sponsors.

No word yet on the stadium name sponsor, which will carry the biggest price tag.

What with the state of the economy, this is a difficult time to be selling such things, which could bring down the overall sponsorship bucks flowing into the project, which figures to increase the likelihood of personal seat licenses.

I thought about sitting on this information until Thursday morning, but that would risk having my friends at the Sports Business Journal beat me to it, and we can't have that, can we?

(UPDATE: Here is a late-afternoon update post on this subject.)

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