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Mets exec explains thinking on Citi Field sight lines

Interesting interview here of Mets executive VP Dave Howard by Mike Francesa in which Howard addresses many of the early fan concerns about Citi Field.

Some of these issues, such as long concession lines and crowding upon exiting the stadium, are perfectly normal for a full house on opening night - even when the building is not brand new - and should be relatively easy to improve.

Other complaints are just plain wrongheaded. The only time Howard grew exasperated was when Francesa informed him some fans don't like the out-of-town scoreboard.

The most interesting - and impossible to fix - complaint is that of seats (particularly in the upper deck in leftfield) from which large portions of the outfield are not visible.

Howard offers a detailed, technical explanation for that phenomenon. Listening to it might not make fans feel any better, but at least they'll understand where the Mets were coming from.

(After the Giants/Jets stadium opens next year, my plan is to retire or die before the next round of new football/baseball stadiums goes up around here.)

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