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Mets fans seem less frustrated on tix than Yanks fans

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With emails continuing to pour in from frustrated Yankees fans, I opened a new can of worms in the newspaper with this article lauding the relative smoothness of the Mets' transition to Citi Field.

The key word here is "relative," of course. I now am starting to hear from Mets fans who were not happy with what they were offered in the new stadium - especially, as is the case with the Yankees, fans with the most limited season plans.

I feel everyone's pain, but writing about it in the newspaper is difficult because every aggrieved fan has his or her own complaint and story - some more legitimate than others - and addressing every nuance is impossible.

Clearly, the Mets are farther along in their ticketing process than the Yankees, whose partial plan holders have until Friday to accept their offers. If they don't they will be placed in a pool to become eligible for whatever tickets remain.

I also wrote a newspaper story based on an interview Yankees COO Lonn Trost did with WFAN's Mike Francesa in which he dropped the mini-bombshell that obstructed view bleacher seats would fall in price from $12 to $5.

That sounds like a good deal to me. Seeing rightfield is overrated.

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