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Mets time Willie Randolph firing to avoid WatchDog rant

(Credit: Watchdog)

Holy Throneberry!

I stopped blogging and turned off my computer at around 3:11 a.m., then woke up to news of one of the most awkward managerial firings in New York history.

Lessons learned: Never turn off the computer or go to sleep. And never underestimate the tendency of rich, powerful, highly visible people to do weird stuff.

Next thing you know Yankees ownership is going to try to get the National League to rewrite baseball rules in place since before there was an AL. Like, in the 1880s.

Take that whole nine innings thing. I mean, what's that about? How archaic.

Wouldn't six-inning games keep Yankees contests under three hours (most nights) and give them a shot at complete games for their now-depleted pitching staff (some nights)?

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