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Michael Kay says it is 'time to change' radio stations

Got a tip that Michael Kay was stirring stuff up on 1050 ESPN this afternoon after landing an interview with WBC walk-offer David Wright.

I tuned in only in time to catch the last couple of minutes of Kay's discussion with co-host Don La Greca, but the general idea was that while both insisted they respect and even like WFAN's Mike Francesa, their show simply is better now. Fresher, younger, stuff like that.

They urged listeners to encourage friends who listen to WFAN to defect. "Time to change," said Kay, who then gave props for the quote to Peter Brady.

Well played, sir. Everyone knows I can't resist a good "Brady Bunch" or Iditarod reference (see post below).

If Mike F. fires back Thursday, I won't hear it. I'll be watching college basketball.

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