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Michael Strahan, Chris Russo agree to disagree

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The big national story to come out of Bob Costas' sports media town meeting on HBO Tuesday was the cross-generational holy war pitting Buzz Bissinger and (to a lesser extent) Costas against Will Leitch, representing the blogosphere.

The most interesting New York-oriented development, though, was Michael Strahan talking to Chris Russo for the first time in nearly nine years.

Strahan has been incensed with Russo and partner Mike Francesa on a regular basis, starting with his controversial comments in 1999 while Jim Fassel was out of town for his mother's funeral and continuing through the criticism of Strahan's record-breaking sack in the 2001 season and his 2007 holdout and subsequent selection as a team captain.

"All of a sudden, that's why the team is 0-2,'' Strahan said of the blame he felt he took for the team's slow start.

Strahan said that sitting next to Russo was the closest he ever has been to the WFAN host, and it was clear from his tone he was tempted to reach over and slap him.

Strahan referred to Russo and by extension many other sports talk hosts when he said, "The last time you had a uniform on was when your mom took you trick or treating."

When Russo pointed out radio hosts often do say positive things about athletes and don't get credit for doing so, for example after Strahan helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Strahan shot back, "You had no choice."

When it was over the two shook hands on stage. Unlike Bissinger and Leitch.

I have other stuff to do now. Go back to discussing Imus and Carton if you want.

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