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Michael Strahan is a Giants fan, and isn't afraid to say so

In addition to talking to Michael Strahan Tuesday night about Tiki Barber (see post below), I asked him about his approach to commenting on the Giants in his role as a Fox analyst.

Strahan criticized the team a couple of weeks ago for its lack of leadership, but he also addressed the Giants as a guest motivational speaker and openly roots for them.

Some of his thoughts on those subjects:

"Of course I have to be critical of the Giants. I have to be critical of everybody. But you know what? There is a difference between being critical and malicious, and I'm not malicious in any way.

"I'll say something that I know is a fact in that locker room and I'm not attacking any one individual person. You have to remember, I went back there and gave a speech to them and that was my speech, basically: leadership, man.

"One thing about [Fox executives] David Hill and Ed Goren, they're not uptight. Their thing is, be yourself. Have fun. They don't want me to go there and be fake. They want me to go there and be the real me.

"I was there 15 years and never was anywhere else in my whole career. If you think I'm going get there and say, 'I can't root for the Giants. I'll never root for them, I'm not a Giants fan,' are you kidding me?

"I played with 90 percent of the guys who are there. Ten years from now, hey, I'll love the Giants but maybe it won't be the same thing. Howie [Long], Terry [Bradshaw] and I just had a conversation about that the other day: I wouldn't have played with any of those guys there by that point. But still I'll always have an affinity for the Giants, just maybe not as much."

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