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Michael Strahan is biased for Giants, no apologies

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Listened to WFAN on the way to the barber and heard the mid-day hosts agree that Fox's Troy Aikman clearly is biased in favor of the Cowboys and against the Giants.

Listened on the way back and heard the afternoon host say Aikman is not, and if he even tried it, his production team would step in and redirect him.

Sorry to disappoint you, New York, but my vote is for the latter, no matter what you say, over, and over, and over, and over . . .

On the other hand, there is the Sunday newspaper column I just sent in, in which Aikman's new Fox colleague, Michael Strahan, admits to pro-Giants bias and doesn't apologize for it.

Here is a quote from that story:

“I don’t care about the perception, because what do you think? If you think you’re with an organization 15 years, grow up with that organization and all of a sudden you turn it off and say, ‘I can’t like them anymore, I have to disassociate myself,’ that’s impossible to do.’’

(UPDATE: Here is my Dallas counterpart Barry Horn's take on this post. In it, Barry whines about being married to a New Yorker. Dude, I'm married to a Philadelphian. Try THAT sometime.)

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