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Michael Strahan says Pats were 'exposed' in SBXLII

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It was another quotable pregame Sunday for Fox rookie Michael Strahan.

On whether Tom Brady’s season-ending injury opened up the AFC East: “The AFC East was opened up six months ago in the Super Bowl. The Patriots were exposed. If you put pressure on the quarterback, you can beat anybody. The Patriots were exposed in the Super Bowl. Indianapolis was exposed in the playoffs by San Diego and Chicago used that formula to beat them last week. The AFC is wide open, not just because Brady’s down, it’s just been proven.”

On the Panthers' Jake Delhomme throwing 41 passes last week coming back from elbow surgery: “That’s not the same Jake Delhomme I played against. Obviously he’s never been known as a runner, so to lose that hamstring tendon, it was better in his arm anyway. It gave him a lot more zip. Jake Delhomme showed me that he is back and at full force.”

On reaction from former teammates to him picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl: “I need a body guard to get back to New York City right now. Everybody is picking the Cowboys to win the division. If you look at their roster, they are the most talented team. You can’t pick against them. They still haven’t done it in the big game, but in that division, there are four great running attacks, but only three great quarterbacks. Jason Campbell has not proven himself. It will come down to later in the season who really has their mojo, who really is feeling it, like when the Giants caught fire last year. That is who is going to win this division.”

HBO asked me to tell you Strahan will appear on the next "Real Sports," premiering Tuesday night. Strahan is his usual telegenic self talking about his new TV career, but the piece doesn't break any dramatic new ground.

Click below for the highlights.On the controversial season-high sack mark that came against Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre in January of 2002 at the Meadowlands:

FRANK DEFORD: "Now, tell me the truth, did he really take a dive when you got that last sack on him?"

MICHAEL STRAHAN: "You know what, I've never asked him."

FRANK DEFORD: "Does it sort of piss you off, though?"

MICHAEL STRAHAN: "Very much so."

FRANK DEFORD: "That people like me, that you get all the sacks and they only ask you about that one sack."

MICHAEL STRAHAN: "It ticks me off, because I look back and think nobody had gotten over twenty sacks in a long time. I have twenty-one and a half without that. They can keep the [record]. I don't really care. It wasn't, to me, everything after was not worth the one sack. I can care less. Records are meant to be broken. That record will be broken. You have guys out there now who can break it."

On walking away after the Super Bowl triumph and resisting the temptation to return after Osi Umenyiora's injury:

FRANK DEFORD: "Granted you're going to be on television now, you're not disappearing, you're not going to work in a hardware store. But just playing a game, being in that spotlight, being a star, and then to have that taken away from you."

MICHAEL STRAHAN: "You know what? The thing is, I didn't have it taken away from me, I gave it back. I look at it like this: most guys' bodies quit before their minds do, and they have difficulty letting go of the game. For me, my mind quit before my body did. My body, physically, I feel better than guys who played three or four years. But, mentally? I'm done. Fifteen years, I had a great time, time to move on."

FRANK DEFORD: "When did the mental stuff kick in?"

MICHAEL STRAHAN: "About five years ago."

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