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Mike Francesa, Chris Russo saga comes up on SNY

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SNY garnered Friday comment contest honors during Game 1 Friday (see two posts down), then wrapped up the twin bill by mentioning moi in Game 2!

Click below for a transcript of Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez after a shot of WFAN's Mike Francesa watching from behind home plate in the seventh inning.

Note what sounds like it might be a shot from Darling at Michael Kay's frantic 1050 ESPN/YES work schedule.

Unless I'm imagining things . . .Cohen: Noted Yankee fan Mike Francesa, at the ballgame tonight. He looks so serious, doesn't he? It's just a ballgame, Mike.

Hernandez: He was on vacation last week, wasn't he?

Cohen: He's had a long day today. He did his show from Yankee Stadium this morning and then from Shea between games.

Hernandez: Wow.

Darlng: Those guys are pretty amazing, I tell you. I mean, they're on, what, five-and-a-half hours a day, every day?

Cohen: For now.

Darling: Yeah, I read the Neil Best column myself.

Cohen: Rumors abounding that the partnership may be in trouble. [Doing an imitation of Chris Russo:] I don't know, Mikey!

Darling: You could do the afternoon block, Gary. They'll give you a half hour to prepare for the game, that's enough, isn't it?

Cohen: I think Keith would be perfect for that.

Hernandez: No!

Cohen: You could do it in the car driving in from Sag Harbor.

Hernandez: I do listen coming in, because you find out what's going on around the league. Once they get off on basketball or football I'll turn it, but when they focus on what's going on around the league, they make me look good. Because I sure as heck don't follow it.

Cohen: You could talk just as well as you could listen.

Hernandez: No. I'm happy with you guys. That's enough.

Cohen: I wasn't suggesting you abandon us.

Hernandez: I'd have to abandon my nap.

Cohen: It would add to your repertoire. You might just have to have the shrimp cocktail at a different hour.

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