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Mike Francesa coyly refers to potential split with Russo

Mike Francesa, back in the WFAN studios for the first time since mid-June, opened the show today with another coy reference to the future of his partnership with Chris Russo, or lack thereof.

Here's a transcript, then I have to get back to work:

"Our next show together will be Aug. 5, to give somebody something else to debate about or muse about or to think about, come up with some scenarios for that one, on Aug. 5 up at Giants camp. Then we'll move it down to Bar A later in the month of August to give everyone a chance to debate about that one and kind of come up with some scenarios for that one. That one's been called the good-bye show by a lot of people I've noticed here and there. That has been termed that all summer. I have heard that referenced in different places. So stay tuned for that."

Hmm. Interesting.

Reminder: If anyone out there who is directly involved in this situation wants to deny the central premise of my original June 22 story on all this . . . you know where to find me!

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