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Mike Francesa does not want to do a one-man show

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Now that Mike Francesa has had his say looking back at his breakup with Chris Russo, the big remaining question is when he will get around to naming a new sidekick, and who it will be.

Click below for his thoughts on why he still is committed to adding a voice or voices to the show, a process that has taken far longer than he originally thought.“I’m not looking to recreate Mike and the Mad Dog. I’m not looking for someone to be 50 percent of the program like Dog was. That’s not what I’m looking for because I don’t think I can duplicate that, and I’m not trying to. If I fell into that would I take it? Yes. Do I have a problem sharing the show? No. I don’t have a problem sharing the show. I don’t think that’s logical or possible, so I’m looking for someone who has a lesser role that maybe grows into something over the years.

“But do I want to do a one-man show? No, I don’t think what we do at WFAN here in the afternoon plays to that. Dog has a different thing. He also has a great relationship with [update man] Steve Torre who he’s close to who he can use as his other guy. And he has a different idea of what he wants to do than I do. Plus I’m under restrictions here for when I’m not here that are very important . . . I haven’t taken a day off yet since this happened, not one time. And that’s a big issue.’’

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