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Mike Francesa, Don Imus used to chat daily at WFAN

(Credit: Watchdog)

WFAN plans to leave its tattered basement digs in Astoria for a shiny new studio in lower Manhattan sometime in 2009.

In the meantime, there isn't much decorating going on, which is obvious from a visit to Mike Francesa's office, which was occupied by Don Imus until Francesa and Russo moved in a few months after Imus was fired in the spring of 2007.

The wooden shelves have huge gouges taken out of them, the carpet is worn away in spots and the Southwestern-themed furniture is tattered.

Click below for Francesa's thoughts on taking over Imus' old office and his recollection of daily chats with the deposed morning host.On taking over Imus’ office:

“I left it empty for months. Cherny said, ‘You guys are the only ones who can take Imus’ office.’ This is Imus’ furniture. Southwest, as you can see. As Cherny will tell you, this was the daily triangle, every day for 20 years. Cherny sat there at quarter to 1. I sat there, Don sat here. Every day.

“Cherny would be in here with Don a lot, but I came in here every day before I did my show and spent time with Don. We’d talk about the station; we’d talk about whatever. Every day we talked. I moved in here about three months after he left.’’

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