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Mike Francesa had to scramble to get on TV Sunday

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Doggone it, I was going to tell a story about Mike Francesa's adventures on his "Mike'd Up" show last night, and I forgot to do it before he went on the air, and now it appears he already told the story, only I couldn't hear it even though he's sitting 100 feet away from me because the speaker on my eight-year-old laptop is busted so I can't listen to the live stream and now apparently I am going to have to go the entire week without listening to WFAN, which given my job is really, really disturbing. And meanwhile, our Web editor is waiting for more material to post, which I promise to get him by 3 p.m EST, because I have an interview scheduled at 2. Sorry.

I HATE it when Mike and Chris beat me to their own stories. Anyway, here it is, as relayed to me by Mike's producer, Doug Safchik, who asked me to mention that it was a great team effort by all involved:

Francesa was scheduled to do the show from the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, but at about 11 p.m. ET the satellite truck lost power. Fortunately, Bruce Beck was at the stadium doing a live shot for the 11 o'clock news on Ch. 4 so Mike grabbed a cab at 11:07, and said cab likely exceeded the speed limit to get him there at 11:33, two minutes before the show airs.

Lauren Spencer, executive producer of WNBC sports, sweet-talked the as yet uncredentialed Francesa past security. Beck began the show while Francesa got set up, and then Mike proceeded to wing it, having no idea what was being shown on TV other than what Safchik was whispering in his ear.

That's it. I'm sure Mike told it better than that on the air. At least I hope so. I'm getting a new laptop when I get home if this one makes it that far.

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