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Mike Francesa knows hockey - old-time hockey

BOBBY ORR During his 12 years in the

During his 12 years in the NHL, 10 with the Boston Bruins, Orr revolutionized the position of defenseman with his speed, stick skills and scoring ability. He led the NHL in goals twice, assists five times and points twice. To Boston fans and residents, Orr was considered "the man," the guy every kid emulated on the ice. Which is why 1976-79 . . .
(Credit: AP (1975))

Mike Francesa is not normally one to admit to a lack of knowledge about many subjects, but hockey is one of them.

The WFAN afternoon host regularly defers to guests or even callers on hockey matters, as it simply is not in his customary sports wheelhouse.

That was why I found it interesting Tuesday during an in-studio visit from Bobby Orr that the big guy not only was genuinely impressed to be in Orr's presence, but casually referenced seemingly half the roster of the early 1970s Bruins.

Upon pondering this, it isn't surprising. Most sports fans follow teams and games most intently during our teenaged years, and in Mike's case following the Rangers of the early 1970s naturally would have led to a thorough knowledge of the Bruins of that era.

I can relate. If you asked me right now to name the roster of the 1973-74 Flyers, I would come up with more than 50 percent of it. (Yes, that means you, Orest Kindrachuk!)

The 2013-14 Rangers? Umm . . . not so much.

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