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Mike Francesa neuters WatchDog

Queens- October 8, 2009. WFAN Moving Out. Inside

Queens- October 8, 2009. WFAN Moving Out. Inside his office, Mike Francesa talks about leaving the old studio behind after so many years and memories. (Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy ) (Credit: Newsday/Photo By Patrick E. McCarthy)

OK, by popular demand, here it is, a complete transcript of Mike Francesa talking about me Wednesday.

The subject: How no one talks about me anymore.

"So, does Best still have a site? He does, right? I'm talking to the Greek here. Remember when Best used to have a site? He doesn't have a site anymore, right, because now they charge so no one in the world goes to it. Now he has a Twitter?

"So Best was reacting to Mike from Montclair called before and said that Dan Patrick was giving me a hard time on the FAN this morning, so of course I said I remember Dan when he was on against Dog and myself and then against me and how I basically blanked him in the ratings.

"So Best had to run and make a big deal about it. Don't make a big deal out of that, Neil. It's a fact, but it's not a big deal.

"Remember Neil when people actually paid attention to his site? That's before people charged for it. Now no one goes there. I haven't heard anybody mention it in about three months.

"What do they charge? What does it cost? What is Dolan charging everyone for that Web site? How much? I don't know. They charge people for that Web site now so now no one pays any attention to Best because of that. It's unbelievable.

"He had a good thing going there. He actually was getting some attention until they decided to charge. But then you saw Murdoch said yesterday that all the sites have to charge. So eventually they say they all will charge. So we'll see if that happens.

"Right now I think Newsday is the only one that actually does charge. I'm not sure. There might be a couple of others. I think the Times does, too. Don't you have to pay for the Times, too? I think you do. I think you have to pay something.

"But that is what I said, so it's not that big a deal. I mean, it's a fact. It's just not that big a deal."

(For the record, my take on Cablevision's decision to make Newsday.com a subscribers-only site:

The current business model of giving away newspaper content for free is unsustainable.

I applaud any reasonable effort to find a coherent business strategy for Newsday.com, including Cablevision using the site as a marketing tool for its other communications products.

With that, I now shall write my Friday newspaper column.) 

Photo: Newsday/Patrick E. McCarthy

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