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Mike Francesa takes off on Jets

Mike Francesa’s battle with the Jets is getting increasingly testy – and increasingly entertaining.

The WFAN potentate hasn’t forgiven them for shutting him out of interviews during the playoffs and beyond (among many other things that have ticked him off about Gang Green) and has not passed up any opportunity to hammer them on the air.

On Thursday Francesa began screaming at the Jets indirectly by screaming directly at the station’s Jets reporter, Peter Schwartz.

Schwartz admirably kept his cool as he tried to convey that he agreed with Francesa’s take on whether and how to punish Braylon Edwards but that he merely was reporting the Jets’ official position.

Finally, Schwartz was excused, and Francesa summed up thusly:

“They have come from amusing, which they were in the beginning – fun and amusing – to almost sickening in a matter of months."

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