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Mike Francesa, WFAN looking into new cast members

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OK, I'm seriously going to start acting like I'm on vacation now before Mrs. WatchDog throws my laptop off a tall building. But before I go . . .

WFAN's schedule this week is a typical last-week-of-August mishmash, but behind the scenes the wheels are turning as Mike Francesa plans his new-look show.

The search for an update person seems to be further along than that for a new No. 2 man (or woman).

From what I have been able to piece together, the update list includes Bob Heussler, Jerry Recco, Sal Licata and Jonas Schwartz. Heussler, known as "Mr. Met" on the show, long has shown a willingness to stand up to Francesa and Chris Russo as well as a dry sense of humor.

As for the bigger job . . . all sorts of interesting names have been seriously discussed, from what I hear, including Sid Rosenberg, Chris Carlin, Ian Eagle and even ESPN.com's Bill Simmons.

Francesa and operations manager Mark Chernoff seem to be moving quickly on this. I know Mike and others at the station read the blog, so this is your last chance to weigh in and tell them what you think about potential hires.

Just keep it clean and respectful, or I'll be spending my vacation censoring the comments section. And Mrs. WatchDog will not be pleased.

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