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MLB Network to show Don Larsen perfect game Jan. 1

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Here is a site where you can plug in your zip code to learn of channel locations for MLB Network, debuting 6 p.m. Thursday.

The network will launch with its "Hot Stove Live" studio show, but the highlight will come at 7 when for the first time since the day it aired 52 years ago, Don Larsen’s World Series perfect game will be seen on TV, with commentary from Larsen and Yogi Berra and (best of all) original commercials – most for Gillette.

This should be required viewing for 21st century players, who will see wonders such batters remaining in the box between pitches rather than going for time-wasting strolls.

Also, the telecast – with Mel Allen and later Vin Scully on play-by-play – is a must see for anyone with an interest in sports TV history.

No centerfield camera angle. No close-ups. No on-screen clutter. No chatter between announcers.

Scully’s call is not as dramatic as the more familiar radio version from Bob Wolff, but hearing the master at work at age 28 is fascinating. He speaks sparingly, but already shows signs of the poetry to come.

“Yankee Stadium, shivering at its concrete foundation,’’ he says as the 27th out nears.

Happily, Scully and Wolff still are working. So is a bit player in the drama, whose unmistakable voice at times can be heard, almost eerily, in the background: Bob Sheppard.

I thought about including many more observations from this remarkable artifact here, but I decided to hold off and let you first experience it for yourself. I'll weigh in again later in the week.

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