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MLB orders scribes to scrub up

And you thought the biggest story to date at baseball's winter meetings was the Marlins' signing of Jose Reyes.

Um, no. Check this out.

Major League Baseball has decided, against all odds, to order sports journalists to clean up their acts by establishing an official dress code.

Yikes. Truth is, even though the era of fedoras and tweed jackets is long gone, most sports journalists do dress professionally when on the job.

But MLB was concerned about the minority who do not, including those who wear team logos while covering games, now officially a no-no.

Most of the guidelines, which ban "excessively short" shorts and skirts, bare midriffs, flip flops and skimpy attire in general, appear aimed primarily at females.

The Associated Press reported that one of the original spurs toward the new rules was the 2010 incident in which Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz inspired unwanted attention in the Jets locker room.

There apparently also has been some concern over the outfits worn by some TV reporters who cover the Marlins, even back in the pre-Reyes days when no one cared about that team.

Back in 2008, ESPN's Erin Andrews created a stir because of a revealing sun dress she wore at a Cubs-Brewers game. It's not clear whether that outfit would have violated the new rules. Probably so, alas.

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