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Muhammad Ali is featured in new documentary on PBS

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"Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami," a new documentary about the boxer, debuts at 10 p.m. Monday on PBS and will be available in an enhanced version on DVD Tuesday.

The show focuses on Ali's days in Miami in the 1960s, training with Angelo Dundee and honing the persona that eventually made him the most famous athlete on Earth.

Is it worth your time and/or money? That depends on your appetite for all things Ali. His story is a familiar one after all these decades, and there are no dramatic new revelations here.

However, as always the amount of archival footage of Ali is stunning - even from the early days of his celebrity - and it is equally stunning how he never fails to disappoint in front of a camera.

I liked the stuff from his clowning around with The Beatles, but I loved the stuff from the great boxer interacting with Liberace.

Only Ali could pull it off while making it look like he is laughing with Liberace, not at him.

"I think people will like it because there's stuff in there they haven't seen,'' Dundee said during a conference call promoting the show.

"The Miami portion has always been glossed over. But, that's where it all started. That's where - heck, this kid got to be a mature guy, a man. You know I got to thank you guys on the tube for helping him. Because he got glib and sharp on account of the newspaper guys, radio guys and TV guys."

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