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'My Boys' is cancelled

Alas, all charming, modestly appealing, gently entertaining things must come to an end, and so it is with "My Boys" the TBS comedy about a female Chicago sportswriter that won't be back after its fourth season ended Sunday.

The show, in fairness, had run its course since the early days when I wrote about it frequently, what with there being so few other shows featuring fictional sports journalists over the years - let alone one who is a woman.

I often complained that the lead character, P.J. Franklin, never seemed to be working - and bugged both the show's creator and lead actress about it - but at last on the finale she was seen obsessively using Twitter and blogging in an effort to earn a promotion. Realism!

In the end, though, she cut short a road trip to Fenway to return to her friends in Chicago, thus passing on her shot at a regular page 1 column.

All of this occurred on the very day the news of Ines Sainz' experiences in the Jets locker room became national news.

P.J. generally avoided such problems by generally avoiding locker rooms on the show, although she did once consider dating a player who showed interest in her before thinking better of it.

Now she is gone off to fictional sportswriter Heaven, alongside the other greats of the genre, from Oscar Madison to Ray Barone to Slap Maxwell.


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